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Bahamian Payroll in 2022

September 9th, 2022

TriblockHR Payroll Software


Technology is improving how businesses have been working over the years. They should pay the workforce on time and according to their working time for any business. When the company has a workforce located on different islands having different brands, unions and payment rules, manual calculations can’t take the workload of HR and administration teams much more time to complete. Thanks to technology, payroll system is here to help small and big businesses manage their payroll.


Many employees in higher than average turnover businesses are a part of the un-banked population meaning that they get paid in cash. This presents a headache to businesses that can be resolved by having robust, and modern payroll system that can handle those situations without involving physical cash and the problems it brings.


TriblockHR & Payroll was built for companies that operate within The Bahamas and the wider Caribbean. It handles many complex payroll and hr tasks automatically while giving you the ability to provide your employees with a better overall working experience at your company. Good employees are tough to find so we’d want you to have the tools to help you retain them.


What is payroll system?


Payroll system automates the small and big steps in the payroll process for different small and big companies. It doesn’t only make easy payments to full-time, part-time, contractors, or temporary workforce but helps maintain national insurance contributions, precise records, automatic deductions etc. Therefore, modern businesses must invest in this technology as there is a lot at stake in the payroll function.


TriblockHR Payroll Software


Payroll system - Quick Buying Guide


It is easy to select a perfect partner for your payroll function when you’ve access to a quick buying guide covering all business needs. A feature-rich buyer’s guide to review before purchasing payroll solutions for your business includes:


1. Simple workflow

All the payroll-related activities like expenses approval, vendor payments, bonus payments, salary increments, employee’s time tracking, attendance, leave reconciliation, automated deductions, etc., should be simple in the payroll tool. It must offer a holistic approach to managing the basic payroll needs.


2. Easy for employees

Any payroll system should be easy to use and bring the do-it-yourself feature for essential functions and data retrieval. In addition, all details like salary structure, automated deductions, etc., should be precise for the employees and encourage active decision-making participation. TriblockHR & Payroll was built to be simple and easy to use by everyone.


3. Easy for management

Running the payroll tool should be easy, and if upgrading is required, it should be seamless. All the final checks before salary distribution should be quick for the teams for timely completion. The trouble-free use of the software is necessary so that teams don’t have to run for the IT department for simple functions.


4. Mobile support

Payroll system must offer dedicated mobile applications for quick access from anywhere like any other technology. In addition, this mobile app must present a view, operate, and function correctly on any device. This includes flexibility in payroll management. You don’t want to be tied to a desktop workstation, especially living in the Caribbean where we experience mother nature (hurricanes, storms) that can restrict your movement and cause power outages. Payroll must still be executed in those environments.


5. Integrations

Your payroll system of choice must also play well with the other software you currently use in your business. There’s can be a very noticeable increase in productivity and efficiency when your systems all speak with each other seamlessly. TriblockHR & Payroll is modern and able to play well with many different systems from your account software, time clock, etc.


6. Vendor support

Businesses must go for the payroll tool with round-the-clock customer support from the vendors. There is no space for delays in solving the technical or non-technical issues on the software that may delay the payments or other payroll functions. At TriblockHR & Payroll we offer 24/7 support via phone, email and in-person if you need.


Wrapping up:

With majority of workers beginning to leave bad reviews on their company after paycheck errors or late pay, staying away from modern and robust payroll system can be costly for any business. The dedicated software offers correct allocation and distribution of the compensation and benefits to the large or small workforce.


There is no need for small businesses to be a part of the community outsourcing its payroll when you can go for a dedicated payroll tool. Paying workers, contractors, and vendors is crucial work for any HR or administration department. It is easy to implement this technology to better finance and administration functions irrespective of workforce size.