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Do You Struggle With Managing Employee Documents?

May 30th, 2022


A document management system provides security, convenience, and increased productivity to your organization. With TriblockHR, the power to easily manage and disperse documents throughout your company is a huge leap forward in abstracting mundane and repetitive tasks away from managers. Consequently, they can focus on the important duties that bring tangible value to the company


I’m assuming that you are not writing that newly requested job letter on a typewriter. So, there is a good chance that many of your business processes are done via a computer. However, after that letter has been written, it is still a monotonous task to print, seal, and physically hand that document to the employee.


A document management system not only reduces the friction and time it takes for persons to receive their documents, but it also enables the requester to receive their documents in a digitized format; employees are always in possession of important paperwork.


As many institutions prefer soft copies, the entire process of handing over paperwork to an individual becomes smooth as well as decluttering physical space at a location.


Having software that easily manages and disperses documents throughout your organization is the first step in allowing TriblockHR to secure vital documents. Working in a paper-dependent environment will continually lead both employees and administrators to undergo procedures that can be automated.


Here is a detailed overview of how can make document management seamless for your organization!


Document Management

Documents and folders are secure, organized, and convenient in TriblockHR. At a glance, users can see a document’s/folder’s name, description, associated department, visibility, and the number of documents that a folder contains.


Document Management Screenshot



The process of creating folders in TriblockHR is effortless and built to organize related documents. TriblockHR allows folders to be created with many options to choose from such as name, description, department, visibility, and select users with access.


If a folder’s visibility is set to private, only administrators, employees that are a part of that department, and select users will have access to that folder.


Document Management Screenshot


Once the folder is created, you are navigated back to the Documents page with the newly created folder.


Document Management Screenshot



The process of creating documents is identical to that of creating folders. The options and attributes that are associated with a document are a name, description, folder, department, visibility, the select users with access to this document, and file type.


In the example below, this document will be available company-wide due to its visibility being set to public. If the document’s visibility was set to private, only administrators, department members, and select users would have access to it.


Document Management Screenshot


Personal Documents and Folders

Along with the ability to manage company documents, TriblockHR allows every employee to have their personal documents. With this, organizing files that are specific to an employee becomes an easy process.


Document Management Screenshot


Document Management Screenshot


A great addition in TriblockHR is automatically grouping an employee’s government documents. When setting the file type to Government Identification, that document is intuitively sent to a folder named Government Documents.


It is also worth noting that the Government Documents folder is automatically created if doesn't currently exist at the time a government identification document was created.


Document Management Screenshot


Document Management Screenshot


Document Management Screenshot


In the event that a document’s or folder’s options need to be edited such as a department or visibility change, those properties can be updated. Additionally, both documents and folders can be deleted; a folder deletion results in all documents associated with that folder being deleted


As TriblockHR is a very flexible and modular software, any procedures that are specific to your organization can be added onto this already effective document management system.