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Why ‘Digitizing’ your employee records will soon be unavoidable

February 28th, 2024

For years the world has been moving away from paper processes. The time is quickly approaching when the need to digitize your employee records will become unavoidable. Whether its onboarding a new employee or managing the files of a longstanding employee, digital management of their records will soon be crucial to your HR process. Here are a few reasons why:


Easier to Manage Files


When looking for an employee’s files, it’s much easier to type in their name and hit search than to pull open a filing cabinet drawer and thumb through a bunch of folders and papers. And updating a staff member’s files is more secure on the digital side. On top of that, you pull a paper file, move it and increase the chances of losing it. Misplacing important employee files can easily spell trouble for your company. By making files digital, you greatly reduce that risk and make the job of your HR personnel much easier.


Increased Security


Employee files often find their way on the desk of department heads, auditors and sometimes even lawyers. This can sometimes make it difficult for HR to track the trail of copies as they could be shared with other entities, creating major security breaches. Digitizing your employee records and data make controlling who has access to these files much easier and monitor who has ability to track who can duplicate or share any of it. Overall, it reduces the chances of any data leaks as the loss of sensitive employee information can be damaging.


Saves Time


Oftentimes the HR department is the most understaffed. Ironic, right? But it’s the reality of a lot of organizations. You will often find HR managers making the most of what manpower they have. So, any bit of productivity and time saved is worth it. When files are organized in one easy to operate software, it makes their job a whole lot easier. This maximizes their productivity allowing your HR team to have more time to get other work done.


The best part about all of this is, digitizing employee records doesn’t have to be a difficult task. When you employ the right HR software, this becomes a breeze.


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